L.A Trip Day 2

Friday, 13 August 2010

Day two started great i didn't wake with a hangover which was good and headed down for some breakfast, i then went and checked out the events at the staples centre the BMX and skate which was cool to see those guys are that good.

I met up with Cam, Mick, Bailey, Kade and Robbo to go and check out the Staples Centre arena where Step Up, Best Whip and Best Trick was being held, at first look i thought the course would have been a lot bigger than what it was and they were still in the early stages of setting up with only a few hours to go until these prestige events were to get underway.

5pm came around and they were into the step up, the up ramp was super steep but Matt Buyten made it look easy taking the Gold ahead of Ronnie Renner and Todd Potter.

Best whip was next and all the boys were frothing on this event and it is quite a spectacle the crowd was going nuts and so they should have been Todd Potter was going backwards on some of his whips, Young Aussie Jaryd Mcneil who was little known before this event went big and it paid off for him getting a silver medal with twitch coming in third.

The big one came around and the big tricks started coming out first Clinton Moore came out with his Vault then Maddo followed with a vault also, Cam Sinclair was next and a little over a year to the day from almost losing his life he pulled a double flip and was in the number one spot, the next rider was Paris Rosen who was trying the front flip on a 2003 model bike that had been put together from two different bikes, he was way under prepared and it showed he did not look good from the ramp and landed flat on his back, the whole crowd went quite and waited until finally he came through he suffered 

The Second round of jumps came through and Taka took it to the next level with a Double grab indian backflip to push into second, Clinton Moore was next but just couldn't get the variation he wanted on his Vault, next was Maddo who pulled a much cleaner vault with a side Saddle Lander which was enough for Sincs to put his helmet back on and get ready to go again, fortunately for him Maddo's score came in just under Cam's first jump and the crowd went nuts for Cam, he ran out onto the course and raised his hands the fairy tale return had become reality.

after the ceremony it was party time for Cam and the Aussie boys, Rockstar got us all a limo to hollywood to party at wonderland where it was all on we ended up taking over the bar and jumping up and down on the seats singing Aussie Aussie Aussie and pouring drinks over everyone in the vicinity, all in all a good night was had.  yeeewwwwww

Cam clearing his run

Clinton Moore

Josh Grant all style

Josh Grant

Kyle Loza

Aussie Jaryd Mcneil

Mcneil Nac whip

Entry from the pits

Pit lane

Potter after his win

Potter backwards

Twitch and Potter

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