L.A Trip Day 4

Monday, 16 August 2010

The final day of X had come around so quickly but this was a day we were all looking forward too Speed And Style, i went and checked out the skate area and found old school legends Lance Mountain and Steve Cabellero shredding the course it was amazing to see these guys skate for real they still generate so much speed they know the exact lines to take and can still pull some amazing tricks.

We rolled into the staples centre to check out the speed and style practice and three riders had already gone done hard and would not compete so Cam jumped up and tried to get into the event, but with no luck as they had been filled with the alternates, the qualifying was quite boring as it is against the clock but when the main event came around there was some great battles, the best being with Twitch and Faisst who battled it out for third place.

Twitch had injured himself in his last race and was not going to come out but he did, on the first corner he came off and looked like he had re-injured himself but got back on to finish, Faisst then stalled his bike just before the whoops a full lap ahead, the crowd got to there feet and twitch gassed it knowing that faisst had stalled and he had a chance to come back, Twitch came up to Faisst and passed him and came to the final corner but didn't hit the last ramp to stop the clock, he ghosted his bike off the lander and the crowd was going wild, Faisst came over to congratulate him, when deign comes running out and yells something to them, Faisst pushes twitch as they race to get back to their bikes, twitch bike is battered but he gets it started first and does one last straight jump to take the win. The Crowd was going absolutely nuts everyone was on their feet.

That night we hit up the Nitro Circus party it was at a full log cabin bar it fitted those guys so well, the night started off pretty tame but as with all nitro parties shit got crazy. I should have known to wear a shirt with no sleeves as i lost both of mine in quick succession and don't really remember too much of getting home, needless to say a big sleep in was on the cards the next morning.

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