Designer's USA Trip: Day 2

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Today we went down to Huntington Pier were it was firing, plenty of wedgy peaks all down the coast. Saw loads of crew rolling JP wetty's, the Chamber seems to be a favourite. Lots to look at down there, in fact a little too much, came back to find a parking ticket. The afternoon was all about a great outdoor mall that really comes alive into the night. We walked our feet off combing that place but were pumped on the ideas that were flowing.

Dined in at Red Robin, a gourmet burger chain with 16 oz beers on offer. We were tired but not ready to call it, so we had some beers in the hotel bar, that somehow lead us to Patsy's Irish Bar where we heard some atrocious karaoke, got a marriage proposal & a free Harley Davidson knock off tank from a particularly sketchy local. "Inland F#@*ing Empire" mean anything to anyone?

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